VIVIANE S., a collection? When art shapes the bond

Self-directed and collaborative project to expose the recent works of the artists of the collection Viviane S. because «It is today, now that we must also realize the Tomorrow of the plastic arts, we must take collective responsibility and organize ourselves, as proposed by the initiative of Viviane and her friends» Laurent Danchin, « Eloge du jardin secret », Viviane S., une collection ? p.11


The collection

Viviane S. disputes the term collector. She prefers to see herself an amateur, considering that her addiction is lacking the suspicion of premeditation necessary to turn her off accumulation of the systematic principle of the collection.

We are talking about more than 1.500 pieces,

«At this stage there is concealment!» writes Frédéric Bodet.

This gathering of works – which it seems impossible to call “collection”, so much because it shines through its eclecticism and its apparent anarchy – answers an existential necessity much more than a calculation or a bet on the future. Few illustrious international names, few young people, but many artists and craftsmen of her generation whom she learned to know and with whom she likes to be.

For twenty years, she has intercepted the best of their work. The point is not diluted.

She brings the works together, mixing them on the ground, on the wall, on a piece of shelf still free, in the annexes of the garden, with a disconcerting relaxation. The improbable accumulation disfigures all the stylistic and scenographic principles of isolation and ostentation.

We must recognize that the works thus united live and develop a happy, contagious jocularity, which is the source of many questions for the artists themselves.

Beyond objects, men

«(…) Men reveal themselves behind the works, they testify to the uprooting, the war, the oppressions, the exile. I created a family for myself. Nothing is more important than the people behind the objects. We are marching head-on and our history takes the form of a companionship.» Viviane S.

One can not get along without the other. Collector and collected walk together. It is the concern to trace this essential and fragile mechanism, a human and warm one linking the collector to the artist, that this project was born.

 «We all work for ten, perhaps twenty ones who are dear to us, and who know the most intimate convolutions of a thought always in motion. (…) Viviane is one of those pickers, guardian of our splinters. », writes Philippe Godderidge.

Viviane S.

Viviane S. has been practicing in the Seine-Saint-Denis french department  for twenty-seven years. She does not militate, she lives, loud and strong, but in the shadow always. Provincial, at the antipodes of worldliness, nothing predisposed her to take an interest in art, still less to forge privileged links with creators and to acquire art works.

Twenty years ago, Viviane S. went to her first opening at the Galerie la Fleur et le Blason in Montmorency. The cover of an issue of the Revue de la céramique et du verre (an effect of “ermine fur”) led her in the footsteps of Jean Girel at Château de Vascoeuil. From there she went to others and never stopped.

«In this generous, lively, exhuberant woman, seeming never to find time to catch her breath, I immediately recognized a sort of alter ego: a passionate, enthusiastic, animated, a bit like me, non militant but resistant and having the contagious charism of all combatants engaged in the cause of the Human.»
Laurent Danchin, «Éloge du jardin secret», Viviane S., une collection ? p.10

The Viviane S. team

The collector: Viviane S.
43 Artists: ceramists, paintors, sculptors, carvers, outsider artists
The exhibition curator: Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida
The graphist: Carole Berthelémy
The webmaster: Manon Alberger
Friends authors and photographers: Laurent DanchinFrédéric BodetMarion BrunHervé Jézéquel
Sponsors: AIP, STYLE, Transports EPDS (Gérard Le Roux et Myckaël Ladjin)

The exhibitions

A unique project

Opportunities to sell or simply show his work become rare. Collectively, we decided to take charge of ourselves, to go ahead, to provoke proposals for exhibitions.

Ready made operations

Works, assembly and catalog are provided (in exchange for a guarded place, scenic furniture, lighting, communication and opening). Thanks to the dedication of the artists and the support of the EPDS company, the post allocated to transport remains very small or non-existent.

The exhibitions are modular and can be recomposed at will

Exhibitions reinvent each other. They have a random duration. They can bring together from 2 to 43 artists. Together, curator, collector and artists work to make each of the exhibitions a unique artistic gesture and the tangible trace of a lasting friendship.

Pedagogy, round tables and workshops

Exchanges with the public and schools can be imagined around the exhibition (workshops, conferences …).

The catalog

21 x 28 cm
172 color pages
Inner paper 135 gr, cardboard cover 350 gr

ISBN: 978-2-7466-8941-1
Price: 25 €

Designer: Carole Berthélemy, Paris
Printer: Color 36, Châteauroux

• Double pages dedicated to the artists of the collection

• Interviews with collectors, amateurs and prospectors: Laurent Danchin (Raw art), Maryse Saraux (Inuit art), Hélène Aziza (Galerist, 19 rue Paul Fort, Paris), Frédéric Bodet (Curator, Sèvres-Cité Of Ceramics), Guy Royon (African Art and Contemporary Ceramics) …

Contact us

We are looking for places, classical or atypical,  to install our exhibitions, in France and in neighboring European countries (Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, Italy and Spain).
We address local authorities, gallery owners and individuals.

Stéphanie Le Follic-Hadida
T: +33(0)6 14 37 57 57
E-mail :

The exhibition places

The project partners

  • AIP Antherovia, ingenierie et pilotage de projets
  • STYLE, peinture et tapisserie pour stands, expositions et événementiels
  • Transports EPDS (Gérard Le Roux et Myckaël Ladjin)




  • LA GOULOTTE Atelier de gravure, Vézelay

Are also present in the Viviane S. collection


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