Tribute to

Laurent Danchin

Viviane S., a frequent reader of Artension magazine, an amateur of singular art or outsider art, had dreamed that Laurent Danchin could preface our catalog. At the end of 2015, while the book-catalog was being made, the meeting took place. There was born a tenacious friendship to the end. Laurent Danchin gave us the honor and the friendship to preface our work. On reading it, one guesses a man imbued with humanism, conviction and elegance. Huge thanks and intense memory.

Article in French Le Monde L’écrivain et critique d’art Laurent Danchin est mort par Philippe Dagen

Article in French Libération Le flamboyant regard de Laurent Danchin par Philippe Godin

Article in French La Croix La disparition de Laurent Danchin ardent défenseur de l’art des marges par Sabine Gignoux

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